With the advent mainstream use of smartphones, mobile apps have also taken off. There are so many to choose from sometimes we get lost in the sea of how to choose as well as which apps fit our needs the most.

In today’s world filled with information stream, we can only filter so much with our busy and hectic schedule. When looking for apps for our mobile phone, most of us are already lost at where to start. At times like these, sometimes we get recommendations from friends and family, online ads, social ads or simply just dive right into the app store and start sifting through the list one by one. With App My Life, how to find the best choice should be solved once and for all.

App My Life is a simple and fun website that trims all the app research in one single place. You no longer have to search though the flooded app store, scour through plethora of reviews, and finally making the move to install the app just to find out it’s not what you are looking for. We have all been there and luckily most of us didn’t pull all of our hair out.

So how is App My Life better? How is App My Life Different? This website saves your precious time and cuts down your research by trimming and weeding out out all the unqualified apps that we think do not worth your time and attention.

To start off, App My Life will house sections that are widely popular. These categories include Dating, Gaming, Productivity, Fun, Random, Finance as well as many others. In addition, there will be Top 10s, Most Reviewed and Newest by date category. If you are looking for an app review where we have previous mentioned but not currently featured, the website also offers a search function to offer quick look ups.

Why visit App My Life when there are so many others floating around? Simple. We offer the most objective reviews and we always offer perspective from both sides. An app as in everything else will always have well accepted features as well as drawbacks. In addition, for those of us that are short in time, they can skip right into the pros and cons section without reading the full review if they are short in time.

Although we mainly cover smartphone apps, we will also include reviews of latest released smartphones. Since the iPhone has taken the world by storm, many companies such as Samsung, LG, HTC are trying to take a piece and increase their share of this ludicrous pie.

App My Life’s aim is to provide a one stop app recommendation website by offering visitors the most concise, objective as well as simple type of review in a casual, light and possibly fun tone.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. If you have an app developed and wants an unbiased review, we are also happy to do one for you.