Unlike other many established dating websites and apps, Bumble has only been around the block for 2 years old. What separates this dating app from others is that the conversation initiation is mainly in the hands of women. Specifically, women are given the choice to signal the first initial interest while the men can swipe between profiles and wait. In other words,  men only gets to communicate with those who are interested in them. Once connected, the chat will be opened and last for 24 hour time period to encourage active engagement as well as an urgency between the parties to further develop the connection. Bumble also features a BFF section where connections are kept even if things didn’t work out but the two parties still want to maintain connection and communication.

Bumble match approach is mostly visual driven. There is no detailed profile information to highlight personality attribute. The app is like tinder where the match is mainly driven by the attractiveness of the profile image. By putting up the best looking image, the chance of matches will certainly increase.

Like other dating apps, users must have mutual interest and connected to communicate. Male users can only swipe and wait, they cannot initiate conversation. The approach of allowing just female users to be the first to initiate contact can make the app more appealing for women. In contrast, traditional approach where either party can start the conversation and reduce the pressure from men in having always to make the first initiative as well as reduce the burden and load on women in having so options to start with.

Besides leaving at the hands of women to choose whom they want to talk to, Bumble has also brought on a feature called BFF.  This purpose is to house connections and matches where the user may not have romantic interest with the other but would still like to keep the connection for friendship and/or other reasons. Under the bff settings, intentions are also disclosed such as single, in a relationship or any other things in between.

Like many other dating apps, Bumble also has a web based version where the number of users have been steadily growing for the past 6 months. Bumble’s unique feature of being women focus certainly can make many female users at ease since the situation of being overloaded and bombarded with messages can be avoided. The app is a fine choice for women who would like to be more in control of who to connect with as well as for men who are patient and willing to take on the passive role.

Bumble app is mainly free to use for casual connection and/or serious relationship. Sign up can be done via facebook and the main swiping feature is immediately available after signing in. The app will automatically use facebook profile image as well as name and age information. There are many filters including preferred distance, age range, marital status, etc, Once logged in, there’s no need to sign in again unless the log out option is selected within the app.