Coffee Meets Bagel

Dating websites have been around for ages and it used to appeal to those mostly who are either very occupied with their work life, has a small social circle or those who are at a mature age but are still single. The way to connect with another is still the same. You see an attractive profile image or description, then you will start sending greetings to see if there are any responses. We may log in to our home computers before we get to work, when we are at work and also off work to see if there are replies. One we see the interest is reciprocated, we are infatuated with a glimmer of hope that things can continue to progress and taken to the next level.

With the wide use of smartphones, connecting with someone new has never been quicker and easier. Many established websites have already gotten into the game by already having their own apps readily available in all popular app stores. Other relatively new players such as Tinder have also taken the world by storm. With close to hundreds of million installs and massive pool of singles, this app holds the title of king of dating apps in the current market. Although there are countless number of choices, one app worth mentioning is Coffee Meets Bagels.

Coffee Meets Bagels is started off by three Korean entrepreneurs and their app has grown steady popularity over the recent years. Although the install base may not be on par with many other established apps, but the pool of users on this app appeared to be more of higher quality arguably. Instead of just swiping left and right to indicate interest, this app uses a like and dislike system as well as coffee beans to indicate interest. In addition, each member is required to enter other profile attributes such as occupation, education level, employer and many others for members to better filter out those who they want to be matched with. In comparison to apps like Tinder, only profile image is utilized to mark interest with much lower emphasize on the person’s background and characteristics.

Coffee Meets Bagel is quite simple to use. Although there is a paid component, it can also be used without cost as well. When the app is first installed, you will be required to login via Facebook for identity verification. On first time login, it will pull photos from Facebook to be displayed. These images as well as profile information can be updated at any time. The next step is to preset the filters so it will show you members that matches your criteria. These are two sections where the app display other user profiles. The first is through the free section and the second is via the featured section.

As the name implies, the free section does not require any form of payment to “Like” the other user. However, it will only show about 20+ members each day. Once you have sift through these members, you will need to wait for the next day for the list to be refreshed. The featured list also contains about 10 to 20 profiles. If you have interest in any of the members in this list, you will need to make use of your credits which are denoted as coffee beans to mark your interest. If you have just newly created your profile, you will have been allotted a certain amount of coffee beans to be used. Once these are used up, you will need to buy them through the store section. The price varies depending on the number of beans you buy.

Whether you “Liked” a person through the free list or featured list, they will be notified of your interest. If they also “Like” you in return, then a conversation room is opened that will last for 7 days. During this 7 days, it is best to develop some rapport and exchange for contacts before the chatroom closes. If you happen to miss the opportunity to ask for contact before the room closes, you can use coffee beans to reopen chats. When the chat closes, it will still be displayed in the chat room section but no longer able to exchange any additional messages.

There are other features in CMB such as photo comparison rated by members, weekly statistics on like, chat and connection rate as well as tips and suggestion section. The app also features a refer a friend section whereby like the name suggests, if you refer a member or bagel to a friend, you will receive free beans.

Although CMB is a great dating app to easily and quickly connect with others. There are some drawbacks as well. First, the free section only shows a maximum of about 20 members each day. It will be require coffee beans to unlock more members of bagels and the cost can add up if you wish to sift through more than what it already offered. In addition, some if the featured members will eventually appear in the free list, so if you are patient, it won’t cost a penny to “Like” their profile. The second drawback is the member freshness and stick rate. Apparently, all other dating apps make suffer from this issue. Many members may install the app, create the profile, wait a short while and if there’s no response or doesn’t find what they look for, they will just remove the app. In this case, their profile may still appear in one of your list and may never respond which may lead you to think they are not interested. Third, when you “Like” their profile, it may not immediately appear when they log in. The profile may have been interested by many and you may just be a drop in the bucket. By the time they see your “Like”, it may have been days or weeks. Unless apps like Tinder, CMB requires plenty of patience. Even if you are able to connect, efforts are still required to pique the interest in the chat conversation.