There are so many dating apps out there and most of us have a difficult time to evaluate which ones are better than the other ones. Usually an app has a very unique feature which helps differentiate from the rest. For example, in Tinder, you swipe left to reject the profile while a right swipe signals interest. Instead of swiping, a dating app called Happn makes use of physical location to determine your matches in a nearby area. How is this useful? At times, you may happen to be by yourself, your friends and/or family are occupied, you have some free time to spare and you wouldn’t finding someone who is physically nearby relative to your own location. The match system of meeting those who just passed by may make the entire meetup more interesting and fun. You can first look at profile and if you want to find out more, information such as employer as well as job position are also included. In this way, you can filter out those who match your own criteria.

In comparison to Coffee Meets Bagel, Happn allows the member to Like a member without notifying the other member right away. The connection only happens if the other member reciprocates the interest signal. While the concept of meeting passerby may be exciting and surprising in its own ways, it may also be quite awkward and uncomfortable for some if the conversation doesn’t smooth. Moreover, since matches are based on nearby members who also activated the app, the pool of potential matches are severely limited which can lead to frustration if there are no matches. However it’s still presents an opportunity for those currently uses websites or apps that just use a personality based algorithmic based matching approach.

Happn is developed from France. Despite the risk and issues using location to determine matches, the app does bring back the encounter by chance element back into play. Back in the days before internet, most people will meet by referrals from friends and family, house parties and gatherings, workplace and even just in grocery shopping as well as in movie theatres. Some of us may feel the match is destined the both people are met and connected at the right place at the right time. Happn is just like a cupid’s arrow, using this medium certainly assist in facilitating more opportunities for individuals who favor the match to be determined by timing rather than just pure and direct personality based.

To increase the chance of higher connection rate, singles who live in a highly dense area have a much greater chance of success. This is especially true for those who work around city centers where most people are during office hours. The app searches a radius of 250m that you have cross path during the day. People who live in further our the cities or in remote rural area may have less success rate. Like other dating apps, mutual likes are required in order for a conversation room to spawn. Together along with Facebook login, this makes it safer for members to contact one another. By using Facebook sign in, personal information is used so there’s less chance that the member is not who they claimed to be. This app is currently available for download is most major app stores for both iOS and Android.