OK Cupid

The goal of dating websites and dating apps is to help you find a date. OKCupid is no different and it even uses a matching algorithm to facilitate that goal. The app is not reliant on appealing and attractiveness of profile image. Although the matches may not always the best, the use of question based approach can foster more serious and long lasting connections and even relationships.

Unlike many dating apps, OKCupid is data centric based where focus is less on looks and age. OKCupid has been around the block for a while. The dating pool is large but also has suffered from drawbacks of having lower quality people. Although it may not have the most fancy feature such as member profile swiping, the app does contain several rich features:

  • Rate member’s profiles – publications such as New York magazine did feature more desired profiles from OKCupid’s popular list
  • Free to use and message users without the requirement of being connected first via mutual interests
    Quick and easy to use interface
  • Paid feature such as the A-list

When personal profile is first setup, about me section and several yes and no questions are required to be filled. The user can browse and search profiles right after registration. Next, the user can browse and like profiles he or she is interested in. To engage further, the user can initiate conversation without the need for mutual likes, a system used by many dating apps such as tinder.

OKCupid contains many basic features include username, photo and location. Other features include quickmatch which just uses its intrinsic matching algorithm to find member profiles who are compatible. Interestingly enough, OKCupid also has a match and enemy compatibility tool that displays a percentage number when looking at any given member profile.

Overall, OKCupid allows simple registration and quick browsing and interacting. The option to message other members is free and does not require mutual interest which is a system used by many dating apps. There is also a
paid subscription such as a list includes premium features including private browsing, additional storage space, etc. For those who are short in time, the quick match is also a handy feature to match quickly without sifting through plethora of member profiles. Currently the pricing structure includes free account, 1 month, 3 month and 6 month subscriptions. the longer the subscription, the more heavy the actual dollar saved.

If you want to try OKCupid, the app is currently available on both iPhone and Android.