There’s no doubt we all heard of Tinder even though we are not using any meetup or dating apps. This app has hundreds of millions installs and has complete dominated the top apps chart for dating as well as casual meetup/hookup. The simplicity and ease of use as well as the established member base does not look like the app can be dethroned any time soon. Back in the pre-smartphone days, many of us may hear of or even use the website hot or not. Tinder is just the smartphone version of it with the additional feature of swiping left or right to signal interest. This widely popular app definitely has taken the world by storm generating millions of matches to this day. With all the public attention, this app also has drawn a lot of fire as well as controversies by reducing standards of matching back to just physical attraction.

Tinder is just like a game where each member is given a deck of profiles. If swiped left, the profile is skipped and if swiped right, an interest singal is sent. Over time, Tinder has evolved and develop other features to offer more engagement options such as super like as well as approach to bolster your own profile. The look and feel is just like roulette where you just place your bets and if the ball lands on your number, then you will get your reward.

Tinder has no embarrassment being labeled as a casual hookup app. Many of us have times whether we are single or not, always want to look for someone to connect or talk to and Tinder happens to be the most simple and quickest solution. From sign up process to engaging the profiles, very little time is required. In addition, we all lead busy lives and a solution like Tinder that can solve our social needs will always be sought after.

Although the app can be used to find casual hookups, it can also be used to find serious relationships by putting careful descriptions in the profile. The member base is so vast and out of the million members, there bound to be some who will look for more than just quick hookups. However, statistically speaking, just roughly above 10% is able to find a serious relationship on a casual hookup platform which isn’t too surprising based on a study in 2015. Interestingly enough based on a separate study 53% wants to look for a friend whereby the definition of friend can range from casual to serious and long term.

In Google Play store and Apple App Store, Tinder has an extremely high rating. When was the last time you have spent 35 minutes each day on an app? There aren’t many. Tinder does shatter a lot of numbers. On average, thirty five minutes are spent and 140 swipes are made.

In Tinder, although most members will just use the swipe feature, there are many other features that are worth mentioning. Below is summary:

Tinder Social – Basically your profile can be added to groups whose members have similar interests or topics

Claim Username – You can choose a username that may reflect better who you are or what your interests are

Notifications on new matches – Rather than checking the app each time to see if there are new updates, you can passively be notified by alerts

Member Profile – Allows a short write up about yourself as well as current school and employer that is retrieved from the Facebook profile

Instagram Connect – By linking with Instagram account, images will be displayed as part of the profile gallery

The Tinder system is really simple. Even when using first time, many of the features and functions are quite intuitive and straightforward. During sign in, Facebook connect is used to ensure identify is verified. Before there are any match, the choices of engagement or communicate is quite limited. There are notifications on matches but not on those that have opt to pass on your profile. If there’s an immediate match, a full screen notification will be displayed. If a match is found at a different time, a banner style notification will appear instead. For members who found a match, they can visit the match section and start the conversation at any time.

Other fun Tinder features include the ability to send gif’s in chat rooms. Apparently Tinder has partnered with giphy to offer this feature in the hopes of driving a more enjoyable and exciting interaction. Other than sending images, members can “Like” a message. For un-notified new match or new unread messages, an icon is displayed to highlight these statuses.

Many of us may be curious whether there is sophisticated system used in Tinder when it attempts to find matches. The short answer is no. However, it does use location data if the member did set a location filter in their preferences.