Social media network concept on phone.


Temp Mail

We have just heard about this app recently and it already has 500.000 installs. So what’s up with this app and why is has so many downloads already? Simply put, the app provides a temporary email address like the name suggests. The email domains are actually private and quite random. Since the value in this app is offering short term email usage, we will not delve into the technical aspect of how they manage to offer such service such as registration of domains and email hosting since many of us are likely just use it for places to get quick perks.

Even way before the app, there are many websites that offer free email service. This app just makes it much easier and quicker to access one of the disposable emails. Sometimes, many users will need such email to sign up for coupons, discounts as well as other benefits and don’t want to use the primary email simply due to spam and unsolicited marketing emails.Bringing these temporary emails at the app level saves us time in searching for as well as in registering disposable email addresses. This app is unbelievably simple yet there’s no doubt there’s value offered.


Clash Royale

Light years ago, we play games on our PC’s. There were many real time strategy back in the day and we spent countless hours without sleep just to feel that satisfaction of blasting our enemies into the abyss and typing LOL or GG afterwards. Now this experience can be enjoyed at anytime anywhere.

Supercell, maker of Clash Royale, has drawn millions of players ith Clash Royale and the base increase every single day. If you have dabbled with command and conquer, warcraft or starcraft back in the day, the gameplay in Clash Royale is very similar. Instead of building structures to train armies, Clash Royale uses an elixir and card system. Each card requires a specific elixir amount to be deployed and once it is positioned in the battle ground, the troop will automatically makes its way to the opposite side’s tower and obliterates anything in between. The game ends when all the towers from the opposing sides get destroyed.

What makes this game so addictive? Simply put, each game only lasts a few minutes and when troops are deployed, their movements and actions are all animated like those indie pixel based rpg game back in the day. You are no longer just playing against the computer, there are millions of opponents from Indonesia to Czech Republic who is always ready to accept your challenge. There are so much more to this game and we will pen a more indepth review shortly.

Stay Tuned!



Most of you already can guess the app that holds the king of messaging apps. Why not snapchat, skype or facebook messenger? Simple. This app is popular across all markets instead of just dominating in several western countries.

Unlike most reviews, we will not bother with reporting all the boring and dry figures of when it started, what the user base is, the number of messages exchanged per day etc. When your friends and family starts using it and you can’t live without it for more than a day as well as being bought out by facebook a few years back, you know this app is like the the McDonalds of messaging platform. Possibly even better since it is used everyday.