Clash Royale

If you like real time tactical and strategy games, Clash Royale is highly recommended. Although the game is card based, the characters and battles are all animated making the game much more enjoyable and fun compared to traditional turn based card game. The game has already been mentioned in our featured list but this review will much more in depth and comprehensive in what makes the game so addictive.

The game concept is very simple. Each player has a deck of cards and they battle in an Arena in which they must defend their own towers. The first to lose all three towers or the first who has the most tower standing when the time runs out wins. The cards features characters are mainly borrowed from the fantasy genre including barbarians, dragons, witches as well as many others that are speically created by the developer Supercell. Each card has its own attack, defense abilities as well as health points. Before a battle, a deck of eight cards are selected from a group of current cards which are given or unlocked as the player battles his way with other players in different Arenas. Usually the deck is built in a balance way that consists of ground, air as well as defensive or offensive structures.

A new player will always start with a simple deck and new cards are unlocked from various types of chests which are given as reward when the player wins a battle. There is two mode in the game, the point system mode and tournament mode. For new players, they usually participate in the point system mode to gain experience, acquire chests to unlock cards and gold coins before moving onto tournament mode.

The cards are classified into common, rare, epic and legendary and each requires different number and gold coins i order to be upgraded to a higher level. As the player battles and climbs the rank of the Arena, more new cards ar available to be unlocked. Before the battle, the player selects a deck from a preset of three. Once ready, they can just tap on the “battle’ button and opponents can almost be found on an instant basis thanks to its extremely high install rate. During the battle, there player can deploy the card based on its availability of elixir credit. The player can deploy cards that has equal or less than the number of elixir that is available. When the card is selected, the card can only be positioned in the player’s own tower area. In all battle areas, there’s always a river that separates the player’s own territory and the opponent’s territory. Once the card is deployed, the character will automatically walks toward the opponent’s tower and attack any characters placed by the opponent if they are within the character’s range. The game continues until either all opponent’s towers are destroyed within the time limit or if the time runs out, the player with the most tower standing wins. The game play animation as well as short battle time are some of the key aspects that makes CLash Royale a hugely popular and successful game.

The game also has many features making players always wanting to come back for more. First, new players will always re-engagement with the game trying to collect as many cards as possible to they can build their ultimate deck. Players can collect cards through different chests. Some chests are free while others must be acquired through winning battles. From time to time, there are also special chests given which contain cards which are not given out in other chests. The different chest types include free chests, crown chests, silver chests, gold chests as well as various levels of magical chests. These chests have different durations in opening times. Some take longer while some can span as long as a day.

Free chests are given every few hours and they can be opened instantly. Silver, gold as well as magical chests are aquired through winning battles. Each player can only house a maximum of four unopened chests excluding free chests and crown chests. The crown chests requires winning at least 10 crowns from the battles. Each winning crown equates to a tower destroyed in a battle. Once all 10 crowns are acquired, these chests can be open instantly.

There are more than 10 arenas in the standard battle system and each Arena is linked with a set of new cards that can be unlocked. This encourages player to climb up the Arena as high as possible so they can acquire the new cards that are not available in lower Arenas.

There are also many social features in Clash Royale that makes players return to the game in addition to chest opening to get new cards. These include cards exchange in a clan, friendly battles between clanmates, random challenges and tournaments with different entry fee requirements as well as a TV section where players can watch other play from different Arena levels.

Supercell has done a tremendous job in trying to maintain the active player base and they are still trying to make the game better by frequent and regular updates. Player of any age can take part in a real time strategy game battle quickly without the need to take an immense amount of learning how the game is played.