If you are a fan of card games, than Hearthstone should be in your list of installed games on your smartphone. Hearthstone by Blizzard is certainly more than a collectible card game. Since its launch, it has became one of the most successful digital card games.

It is easy to learn, well balanced, addicticve, extremely fun as well as sophisticated enough to be played in the long run. The best part of this tactical game is that it is based on a free to play model.

Hearthstone is a fantastic turn based game that allows player to play against the AI or against other live players. In short, the objective of the game is to develop a deck of cards that are composed of troops and magical spells that are played to drain the opponent’s health from a meager thirty points to zero. The first one who accomplishes this goal wins the game. During the game, the cards are dealt on the Azeroth’s table and each cards are essentially characters from World of Warcraft.

To ensure the card game can accommodate different player’s preference, there are several gaming modes in Hearthstone. For new players, there are beginner’s levels which offer tutorials on how the game is played while unlocking cards along the way. In the card deck, Heathstone features the concept of character class which is chosen by the player when creating the deck. Each class has its own special ability that can be applied during the game to make the gameplay more interesting and dynamic.

To foster competition and rewards, players can engage in Arena mode to win cards as well as gold. Each card in the deck is drafted between a random set of three cards and these cards and grouped together at the end to form a deck. To join an Arena run, Gold is used as entry credits. These gold can be bought in game or collected when daily quests are completed. The quests are quite random and they can range from completing games using a certain character class or kill a number minions. The quests offers an inexpensive option to accumulate gold coins that can be used later as entry fee for Arena runs.

The game’s real fun begins when players have collected a decent set of cards by winning, unlocking or buying.  To increase further competition among players, quests can be completed in casual mode or ranked mode. The casual option is for those who merely play for quick matches without continual time devotion or commitment required in ranked matches. In ranked seasons, there are almost thirty level of rankings and it can last for one month. As a reward for participating and winning the ranked season, players receive prizes including special card backings and medals.

Although not always mentioned, Hearthstone does feature a slick and intuitive gaming interface. Unless other games, very few bugs and game imbalances are usually quickly fixed with frequent release of patches. Expansions are also released for the community so players can always enjoy the game with a sense of freshness. However, the releases usually come too often on a regular basis throughout the year.