Legacy of Discord – Furious Wings

If you are a fan of rpg or mmo like World of Warcraft or Diablo, consider installing the game app Legend of Discord – Furious Wings. This game is a free, epic mobile action, full 3D mmorpg that takes place in a fantasy open world. The graphics and visuals are stunningly beautiful and the controls are very easy and slick. The UI elements are layed out clearly and navigation among the various menus is straightforward. There is both PvP and PvE aspect in the game. In PvE, the player gets to master different types of dungeons.

Many may prefer the auto grind aspect of the game since it is more passive and less strain on the thumb and fingers. If a player chooses, he or she can turn off this auto mode and a virtual thumb stick will appear on the left side of the screen allowing the player to control their character movement more directly. The controls are still very slick and easy even with manual approach.

Like many rpg’s and mmo’s, after every battle or when enemies are killed, a player is usually awarded 3 stars in addition to experience and rewards being given.

When bosses are killed, players can choose 2 reward chests to open among a given selection. These chests contain gold, arcnite and diamonds. bigger rewards are given when levels and chapters are cleared. To ensure the player return to the game on a frequent basis, the game designer purposely delay the release of chest opening or acquisition of weapons for a day. Small reward chests are also available and are given on a more shorter interval to keep the player engaged to the game on top of all the actions and quests. With the gold packs and diamonds received, existing skills can be upgraded to higher level and more armors as well as weapons can be purchased. To make the game more interesting, the weapons can be fused together so form a different but better weapon.

In the beginning of the game, the player gets to choose among three classes of characters including berserker, bladedance and sorceress. During this selection, the player can also preview the initial armor and weapon appearance as well as the fully loaded or maxed version. Once the character type is chosen, the player can pick a username of their choice.

If you enjoy in game social interaction, the game features a guild system where the players wear guild tags. The game designer also added a pet system where pets follow the player closely beside or behind. One of the most prominent feature of this rpg or mmo is its auto pathing and auto combat control approach. This player can simply lay down the mobile or tablet device on a table and simply watch the character hack and slash its way through other enemies.

Overall, Legend of Discord – Furious Wings appears to be and it actually is a flashy game where the player can passively watch their character battle through all the enemies and bosses without lifting a finger. Auto aim is also available to further reduce the effort required. Although levels and quests are still utilize a grinding play design, the player can opt to work less while acquiring more. Other features of the game include an area that offer tutorials as well as linear weapons and armors upgrading.

Apparently the game can only be played in horizontal view to allow the display of a more vast area. The game may be more enjoyable when played on a device with a larger screen estate.