Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go is one of the largest phenomenon game release for the year of 2017. It has taken the world by storm since it sinception in July 2016 by bringing the virtual Pokemon world into the real world reality. The Pokemon characters are scattered worldwide across different real life locations known as Poke Stops waiting for the catchers to snatch and collect them on their smartphones. Once collected, players can gather into gyms for further group combats. The fun in Pokemon Go revolves around the treasure hunt aspect where you are also interacting with many others who are participating in this augmented reality. The virtual creations popping up at physical real life locations such as streets, landmarks, buildings and venues certainly increase the livelihood of Pokemons. Together with the social aspect of the game, Pokemon Go has definitely achieved providing a enjoyable and fun experience beyond just the smartphone screen.

Pokemon Go is developed by Niantic, a former startup from Google Inc. It has drawn millions of players worldwide after its debut release. Many have gathered together and social groups formed to take part in an augmented reality sensation that no other games have done before. The game is designed not just as another  rpg level grinder, but also features the ability to hunt and collect Pokemons as well as socialize with other players in nearby areas along the way. While many game players may sit indoor or burrowed inside their bedroom when deeply immensed in an rpg game, Pokemon Go actually encourages players to go outside and visit new places. In this way, players can easily connect and meet others while also can become more physically active and adventurous.

This game has no age limit and it is perfect for anyone but it can be confusing to players who are not familiar with Pokemon. The game starts off with the player as being a trainer. The trainer starts at a basic level and as the level progressed upwards, so does the combat points of the collected Pokemons. However, combat is less sophisticated but simpler than traditional Pokemon games.The game also features the concept of Gyms which are special locations ruled by players who can be challenged. The actual battle mainly just consists of tappings to attack and swipings to dodge. Players with high powered or more leveled up battle monsters are more likely to win.

Although Pokemon Go  has became a world sensation. The game also imposes many issues and bugs which are not fully ironed out. First, the game can drain battery very quickly since it uses the location GPS feature. Second, the game has many bugs and can crash from time to time. Many players are quite frustrated when this occurs since there may be a special Pokemon nearby but the game can just freeze or do not respond right at that crucial moment. Other drawbacks include no card trading, no pvp battles as well as no friend list.

Other interesting Pokemon features include Lures. They are actually areas of effect item that can be used by players for a limited time. By increasing pokemons at a certain location, more players can be drawn temporarily to gather at that stop.

Overall, the game is not just a great concept but also proven to be a fun social experience for anyone of any age. However, the existing rpg game design is still lacking of in depth and sophisticated combat modes as well as other social features which make the game difficult to play long term. If new social interaction features are added, a stronger community as well as social connections can be developed which in turn can prolong the game enjoyment.