Super Mario Run

Anyone who has played any console games should know what Super Mario Brothers is. The classic game developed by Nintendo has a long history and has been released on almost all platforms made by Nintendo. After a long time waiting, this fantastic game has finally made its smartphone debut. Specifically, the game can now be downloaded on both iOS and Android with a fresh twist. Rather than controlling Mario directly, the plumber now runs on its own and the only actions the player take are jumps and bounces by tapping on the screen. This new automatic runner has highly replayable rounds as well as exceptional level design where the main objectives is to grab as many gold as coins as possible.

Although the style and gameplay is simple but it does takes some time to completely master all the maneuvers  to successfully nab all the coins within the allotted time. Other than making jumps, the player can delay falls in mid air as well as springboard off enemies to jump higher. When encountering small enemies, Mario will auto jump. He can also jump off walls if there’s one nearby. To avoid hitting the enemies, the jumpbs of Mario must be timed properly. If he gets hit or if he falls in the pit, Mario will be re-appear back a few distance inside a bubble. By tapping on the screen, the bubble gets popped and Mario resumes his run.

The game features 6 worlds and 24 stages giving a very enjoyable experience for both gamers who are new to Super Mario Brothers or those who are new to the franchise. After playing a few rounds, many will simply return just for the fun of grabbing more coins. Nintendo is well aware of this addiction and in this series, they have added several more challenges. If a player has hunted all the gold coins and clears the stage, a set of pink coins which are tougher to collect will appear. To further boost difficulty, a set of black coins will appear at an even more hard to get location if the player is able to get all the pink coins. With these coin sets appearing one after another and where one is more challenging to get than the other, it really puts the player’s maneuvering skill to a real test.

Although Mario runs passive forward, if the player happen to miss a coin or two, he or she can tap on the screen to immediately rewind the run. However, doing so will delay the time to complete the level. Nintendo certainly designed the game  in a way to make the player aware that going back can have it’s cost.

The game is available on iOS and Android device. The smartphone must be connected to internet for the game to be activated. The graphics and music are almost the same as the traditional classic 2D Mario series. It certainly brings back a lot of memories for those who have been a long time Super Mario Brother fans.

There are a total of 3 modes in Super Mario Run, the Toad Rally, Kingdom Builder and World Tour. The World Tour is actually just another name for campaign mode and the objective is to make it to the flagpole. In Toad Rally, the player can compete with another player where the objective is to collect more coins and get as many toads to notice as possible. As the kingdom builder houses more toads, more characters such as Princess Peach, Luigi and Yoshi are unlocked. These characters have their own unique control as well as playing style. The last mode is Kingdom Builder. This mode allows the customization of your own mushroom builder but requires the coins to be used that are collected from other 2 modes. Structures such as  mushroom houses, grass statues, flowers are put in set places.

Overall the game has many level progressions. There are no micro-transactions and the only cost is the one time $10 cost to unlock all levels and features. Super Mario Run clearly focuses on coin collection but in a way that is very enjoyable even after playing over and over again. The levels are not auto generated and each only takes a couple of minutes to complete. The  is simply