There any many guided health meditation apps that helps as to integrate mindfulness into our daily life if you look around and it’s quite difficult to choose which one to use. Calm has registered on our radar due to many mentions across the web due to its effectiveness in helping its users to better meditate, relax, focus as well as sleep better.

According to users’ reviews, Calm helps them to stick with meditation every weekday morning as well as sets intentional and focused tone for the day. The sessions is voiced by a woman and each session lasts only a mere 10 minutes, but great user experience is offered during this short duration. To further enhance relaxation, soothing background sound effects and beautiful imageries are used.

Like many other guided meditation apps, Calm consists of several types of meditations including body scan and walking meditation where the session duration can span from 3 to 10 minutes. Users can choose among a selection of topics including loving, kindness as well as forgiveness. Each day, the user can partake the daily calm sessions that include several paid program samples. The categories include choice, resilience, gratitude, impermanence and letting go. In addition, there are several sleep stories for those who have difficulty falling asleep or simply wanting an audible approach to clear their mind.

Calm contains both guided and unguided meditations. The guided sessions features Tamara Levitt who has a sweet feminine voice. For users who like to track their meditation progress, there is a calendar view to see the current completed sessions for the month. Many may feel good simply to see themselves able to meditate for a consecutive number of days or streak. Other than the calendar, Calm has a friendly user interface overall.

With all the aforementioned featured, Calm costs only a meager 12.99 to access all the premium features. These features include a 7 days program that emphasize on stress management, sleep improvement, happiness search as well as overall focus improvement. After the 7 day program is completed, a follow up program known as 21 day of calm will be made available.

There are many other meditations to choose and if the user wants repeat a session by visiting the sessions history, that option is also available.

Calm is a highly recommended guided meditation app to best start the day, clear our mindset that holds us back to achieve goals as well as other meditation programs to help us feel better in many various ways. Other features include daily reminders as well as other robust meditation curriculum that focuses on children called “calm kids” and one button shortcut to sleep stories, meditations, breathing exercises. Like many other meditation apps, to maximize the effectiveness of the sessions, high and frequent engagement as well as commitments to get results. For more resources, Calm also has several social channels and blog to discover and explore additional aspects of mindfulness practice