Headspace, founded by a former British Monk, is one of the favorites and popular among new users who are both new and experienced to guided meditations. This meditation app also garnered praises from wall-street as well as a number of olympic athletes. Like many other meditation apps, they help users to be more aware of their thoughts and emotions as well as become more calm and collect during stressful times. These apps can also be extremely useful at times of intense anxiety. By following the instructions on the smartphone, Headspace can assist in the basis of breathing and visualization associated with secular meditation.

There’s no doubt Headspace is on top of the meditation app list. This app has more than 8.5 million registered users which includes the likes of Arianna Huffington and even Richard Branson. Re-owned financial institutions such as Goldman Sachs and health associations such as Dana Farber Cancer Institute have also bought package subscriptions for their employees.

The base version of Headspace is free. Additional lessons are available at the cost of a paid monthly or yearly subscription. The free trial consists of a 30 day program that features basic guided meditation lessons. The annual subscription is about $100 or about $8 a month. Each program pack lasts either 10 or 30 days and each session in the pack can last up to 10, 15 or 20 minutes. In Headspace, there are 5 types of guided meditation category including foundation, health, relationships, performance and headspace pro. In each of these category, there is a fundamental included to help the user to start off quickly and easily.

Many commented Headspace that features friendly user interface. The make use of pastel colors and charming goofy cartoon characters to enhance user experience. To boost engagement and usage commitment, the app designer has added a gamification component. For example, a user can achieve a 365 days straight completed session award. With new milestone set and achieved, a cartoon brain man is displayed and transformed in lifting a more heavier weight.

There are no set and fixed time during the day of when to best use guided meditation apps. Many may uchoose to meditate in the morning to set the tone for the day or before bedtime to unwind into the night. The app can also be used during commuting by train or plane.

During the meditation sessions in Headspace, eyes are usually closed and breathings are focused to control the flying thoughts. The goal is to let ideas float by and acknowledge they exists without engaging them.

For those who wants to try out standable program without committing to sessions that span several days, they can try the singles sessions. These are specialized and independent exercises without the dependency on the other packs. These one off meditation include topics such as sleeping, flying fear, walking, commuting, eating, etc. These packs are more suitable for kids since they are much shorter and can be applied as quick meditation fix.

Other features in Headspace includes daily reminders to calm down, relax and realize emotions are under control regardless of surroundings as well as sophisticated and user friendly interface. Some of the content can also be further customized. For those who likes to track their progress, there is a report section to display completed sessions and accrued time spent meditating. Headspace tour, preset-able reminders, daily messages in the form of mindful moments are also part of the app. To appeal to family and children, the app also makes use of engaging animations and infographics to explain and illustrate concepts.

Overall, this greatly help users with any kind of anxiety and is also worth looking into if the user is also a yoga or meditation practitioner. It is definitely a practical, modern and secular as well as scientific approach to meditate. To achieve the best results, a disciplined approach of regular practice and time commitments are required. One of the drawbacks in Headspace is that advanced practitioners must complete the sessions in sequence and cannot skip or jump in any single one chosen session. Headspace’s secular nature makes is accessible by a universal audience. Anyone wants to start new practice or revive existing mediation practice can try this useful app. There are too many benefits to using Headspace including clearing your mind, learning how to meditate, developing basic meditation practice as well as feeling more calm and peaceful after use.